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Summer Moon Coffee (Oak Roast, Taste & Reviews)

Summer Moon Coffee is a popular coffee brand that has been around for a few years. If you’re a fan of coffee, you might have heard about this brand. In this post, we’ll look at the history of Summer Moon Coffee, reviews from coffee lovers, their famous moon milk, and everything else you need to know.

For coffee lovers, there is no better cup of joe than one brewed with freshly roasted beans that come from an artisanal roaster. At Summer Moon Coffee, every cup is made with precision and quality as they pay homage to the art and history of craft coffee roasting. Let’s take a closer look at how this local business is changing the way people experience good tasting smooth coffee!

The Story of Summer Moon Coffee

This coffee company began in the year 2002 when a family won a piece of coffee equipment at an auction. From this one piece of machinery, and a newfound passion for roasting, the very first Summer Moon coffee shop was opened in Texas in the year 2015.

Since then, the company has grown to include more than 40 retail locations across multiple states. What sets them apart from other shops is their commitment to using traditional wood-fired brick ovens for each batch of beans. 19th-century coffee masters have used this method, and Summer Moon continues to use it today so that each cup tastes as delicious as it did centuries ago!

That’s not all. Summer moon also invented something called moon milk to make their espresso based coffees smooth, cozy and rich in taste.

Summer Moon’s Unique Process

Roasted in handmade brick roasters fueled by seasoned Texas oak, each batch of coffee beans is skillfully monitored using sight, sound and smell resulting in a bold yet flavorful taste that captures the true essence of wood-fired goodness.

Summer Moon Coffee holds itself to rigorous standards when it comes to the quality of its roast. They monitor both temperature and moisture levels during the process to ensure that each batch has a unique flavor profile—and it shows!

With a passion for the perfect roast, Summer Moon Coffee has dedicated over two decades to crafting an unforgettable coffee experience.

What is Moon Milk?

As a signature indulgence, Summer Moon Coffee created its renowned creamer – Moon Milk. Made with the perfect combination of sweetness and creaminess, this particular moon milk has the power to elevate your coffee experience without overpowering the original taste of the robust oak-roasted beans.

While ordering a coffee at any of their locations, you can choose how much moon milk you’d like in your drinks. Their moon coffee versions include the half moon and moon glacier. However, if you ask about the most popular version with moon milk, then it would be half moon.

Summer Moon Coffee Shops – Locations

Local coffee shop location – Austin, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Online Shop

You can get your order within a few hours through Grubhub. Check out the drinks menu here. Our recommendation would be their espresso, latte or grab anything in a sweet vanilla flavor. You can also buy skim milk, moon milk, espresso and other drinks online.

What is a summer moon coffee?

Summer Moon is known for its oak-roasted coffees (wood roast) and famous savory cream moon milk, served in warm cafes by friendly baristas. Typically the summer moon roast coffee is roasted at a brick roasting station in Austin.

Who is the owner?

Greg Richardsons – owner and General Manager – Summer Moon Coffee, DFW location.

What is Summer Moon moon milk?

Moon Milk® is their most popular Sweet Cream. They have registered trademarks for the same. This is a traditional recipe with 7 secrets. It is free of allergens and contains no harmful additives. The moon milk is made with either oat, soy, almonds or cocoa milk; your choice. It can be considered skim milk with whipped cream. It is a little sweet in taste and is quite different from whole milk.


Is Summer Moon coffee only in Texas?

Expansion began with franchises in many parts including Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Kenosha (Wilkes), Knoxville (TN), and Fayetteville (AR). All mentioned summer moon outlets across the world offer free wi-fi, and most have outdoor seating. To know the types of coffee and flavors being served at Summer Moon, you may check out their menu. Several people have given excellent reviews for their hot espresso, creamy vanilla, and lavender drink, which is relatively smooth and rich in taste.

Try their good tasting coffee once. We bet you’ll like summer moon coffee.

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