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Breve Coffee Explained | What’s In It & How’s It Made

Breve coffee is quite different from the normal coffee that you might know. It also has some not-so-common terms like half-and-half milk. If you are wondering what breve coffee is and want to know how to make one, we got you covered.

Breve coffee is a delicious espresso based drink mixed with half-and-half. It’s a creamy, silky smooth alternative to traditional coffee beverages and has got special attention from coffee lovers everywhere. The sweet froth milk makes it so much better.

Whether you’re new to the world of specialty coffee drinks or want to learn more about such popular espresso drinks, we’ve got all the information you need – from how breve coffee is made to why it stands out among other drinks!

A breve coffee or caffè breve, or cafe breve, is made from espresso, steamed half-and-half (half milk and half cream), and foam. Breve means “short” in Italian and is pronounced as ‘breh veh.’ But it’s an American and richer version of the Italian cappuccino.

If you order a “breve latte” in a coffee shop, you might get a warm or iced latte with more half-and-half than milk foam. However, the proportions are the same as a caffè latte but with far less foam.

You can compare it with the Spanish drink Cortado, prepared with espresso and whole milk. Some people call breve a richer and creamier version of the American latte.

No matter in which region of the world you order this espresso drink, the brewery will serve it in a 4.5-ounce cup with a shot of espresso, half-and-half, and a little milk foam on top.

Does Breve Coffee Taste Good?

Thanks to its milk and cream, breve lattes have a much richer consistency and sweeter flavor than regular espresso drinks. The espresso and half-and-half blend together to create a rich and velvety texture.

As such, they can be a good alternative for those who enjoy the richness of desserts. If you’re buying them at a cafe, an espresso will pack a more potent punch and have a more balanced taste.

A caffè breve is an exciting option for people with sophisticated tastes or those who love exploring different types of coffee.


Caffè Breve vs. Latte – The Difference Between Steamed Milk and Steamed Half-and-Half Drink

A cafe latte drink has espresso and steamed milk. At the same time, a breve is prepared using espresso and steamed half-and-half instead of milk, a blend of half whole milk, and half light cream.

Additionally, a breve contains less foam than a latte, so it’s a bit sweeter and less bitter in taste.

A latte is often ordered with extra flavors, such as mocha, caramel, or hazelnut syrup. Other coffee shops may add whipped cream to make it a more indulgent drink.

Breve coffee has no flavored syrup added; it has a naturally sweet flavor. The breve also has higher cholesterol content because it contains cream. A 12 oz breve latte has approximately 280 calories, while the same volume Italian latte has only 150.

How to Make Breve Coffee Drinks

Preparing breve coffee is surprisingly simple. All you need is the following:

Ingredients for breve coffee

  • Ground coffee beans (prefer fresh and dark roast)
  • Half-and-half
  • A manual or automatic espresso machine

Breve coffee explained

Step 1: Warming up half-and half

First, take about 10 ounces of half-and-half (for a single serving) to create steamed half-and-half. Then, let the half-and-half sit in a container so it will be warm when you brew your espresso.

If you don’t have an espresso maker, heat it in the microwave for no more than 90 seconds. If you don’t have a microwave as well, heat it on a stovetop for the same amount of time.

Step 2: Frothing half-and-half

Frothing the half-and-half is similar to steaming milk, but you use an espresso machine. For those who don’t have an espresso machine, use a frother to create the foam. Creating foam using a frothing device will take about ten to fifteen seconds.

Step 3: Grind the beans

Grind the beans to a fine texture. Make sure you use only freshly ground coffee beans to make your latte breve. Using pre-ground beans will result in an insipid cup of coffee.

Step 4: Brewing the espresso

Brew the espresso in the espresso machine. You can also use a French press, portable espresso maker, or Moka pot. But ensure that the espresso is brewed in boiling water for about 30 seconds.

Step 5: Assembling breve coffee

Once the espresso and half-and-half are ready, start assembling the breve. First, take a cup and pour a single or double shot of espresso into it, as per your preference. Then, add the half-and-half and milk foam (foamed milk) to the cup on top of the espresso.

At this point, you may also make a variation – Mocha Breve, by adding cocoa powder and hot chocolate to the espresso drink. The rest of the steps will go the same.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Your breve coffee is ready to enjoy! This creamy and velvety coffee drink will make you come back for more. You can also add some chocolate shavings, cocoa powder, flavored syrups, chocolate sprinkles, or ground nutmeg on top for an extra special treat. Breve coffee is typically served in a small glass/cup.

Is There Any Variation of a Breve Latte?

You can try a less sinful variation of Caffe breve – the iced breve latte. An iced breve latte is a way to enjoy a reduced-calorie coffee. By adding ice, you can dilute the half-and-half, which lowers the calories in your beverage.

To make an iced breve latte, you first fill a glass with ice cubes and then add either hot or cold espresso, depending on your preference. Next, add cold half-and-half and finish it with your desired syrup flavor for a more indulgent breve latte.

caffe breve


Caffè breve is a delicious and creamy drink made from a double shot of espresso and half cream. It’s a perfect alternative for those who don’t like the bitterness of espresso but still wish to enjoy the robust flavor of the coffee.

Breve lattes are easy to make at home and can also be ordered at most coffee shops. You can also create an iced version of a breve latte for a reduced-calorie drink. So next time you’re in the mood for something special, why not try it?

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