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Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale

Timemore Black Mirror scale may be a sleek and tiny tool, but it packs a punch when it comes to helping you brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Whether you brew espresso, pour overs, or want to use a coffee machine or french press, coffee scales are never going to give you nasty surprises. Timemore Black Mirror is built for people who are damn serious about their coffee kicks.

The brand is the choice of Baristas due to its smart features, accurate measurements and the best value for money feel. Whether it’s a cup of joe to jumpstart your day or an evening pick-me-up, using Timemore scales, you’re going to create a streak of delicious coffee every time.

Timemore has got 3 options for its coffee scale range starting from the basic scale to the pro model. Let’s discuss all the available options one by one and try to figure out which will suit your needs.

Timemore Black Mirror Scale Review

In order to review the Timemore Black Mirror coffee scale, we did test runs on all 3 models available in the US market to figure out how they perform under different parameters. The nano version is perfcet if you are looking for a small sized scale while the plus version is the most commonly bought version. You’ll find a dedicated section on each Timemore scale below.

Brew Perfectly Balanced Coffee With Any Timemore Black Mirror Scale

Coming to the main section, here’s a list of Timemore coffee scales that are nailing the market for their high-quality design and features. Whether you’re a professional barista or a coffee aficionado looking to level up the brewing game, these scales have something to offer.


Timemore Black Mirror Plus Coffee Scale


A coffee scale that’ll steal your heart just by the looks. The Black Mirror Plus model, with a sleek design and minimalist look, is ideal for every kitchen countertop.

It’s a high-quality construction and on top of it is the ultra-accurate measurement.

The scale surface is flat and sturdy; below that is the elegant-looking display which you can’t notice until you turn it on. The LED backlight display is bright and shows weight in only grams. So, if you’re not following any other metric system, do keep this change in mind before making a decision.

In the photos, it looks really small, but the Black Mirror scale is big enough to manage servers during manual brewing. At the same time, it’s not humongous that it won’t fit on the drip tray of an espresso machine. It strikes a perfect balance to let you enjoy whatever type of brewing method you love.

Let’s now talk about the other functionalities the Black mirror scale has.


The maximum weight this coffee scale can handle is 2000 grams. It measures in precise 0.1-gram intervals once it detects a weight of 0.5 grams on its surface. You can weigh coffee, ingredients, and water as per your desired taste.

Built-in timer

It’s a no-frills coffee weighing scale with a built-in timer function that’ll help you in manual brewing. With this digital espresso scale, you can repeat the recipes accurately. Also, it can help you experiment with your brew with different extraction times.

A notable feature is the auto timer function that starts the moment it feels that you’ve changed the weight.


The scale equips a high-capacity lithium battery which the company claims can last up to a whopping 24 hours. Further, you can charge the 1600 mAh cell with your standard Type C cables, as it comes with a USB C charging port. Providing a Type C port is a really clever strategy because it’s not just faster than micro USB but also future-proof, as every house now has Type-C cables.

On top of that, you get battery-saving features. The new 2022 model comes with a physical power button. Literally, it’s the most practical feature you can have on a scale. With a gentle long press of the power button, your scale goes to sleep until the next time.

The coffee scale has an auto power-off functionality which turns off the scale when it senses no activity.

Design Elements

This is Timemore’s newest version of the black mirror scale with a very convenient design. You can operate it blindly once you get the hang of it.

Made with high-quality acrylic, the scale has a rectangular design. The button placement is very thoughtfully done, with a timer button on the left and a tare button on the right. This distinction will save you from any accidental touch, i.e., saving you from an unnecessary, annoying feeling.

It has one more feature that many manufacturers skip, a battery level indicator. It’s present right on the LED display. Therefore, you will always know when it’s going to die and charge it accordingly.


If you travel often and constantly crave caffeine punch, you’re going to love this scale. With a dimension of 6 inches x 5.1 inches x 1 inch, it’s pretty compact. You can put it in a bag while traveling, and as it has a rechargeable battery, you can weigh coffee anywhere, anytime.

Another attribute to add to your surprise is its weight. This thing only weighs 0.84 pounds.

Auto Brewing

This Black Mirror Basic Plus model has an updated auto brewing option that automatically adjusts timing after sensing the extra weight of any ingredient you add to the cup.

To use it, you need to press the timing key continuously until A doesn’t appear on display.

Other aspects of the Timemore Black Mirror Plus coffee scale worth noting are –

  • This Timemore scale is not waterproof but instead is water resistant. So it can handle all the splish-splash easily. However, any large water spillage can harm it.
  • You can notice a slight lag when using the built-in buttons. You notice this mostly in the starting, but after about a month, you’ll get used to it. But still, this millisecond lag could have been better as it’s an upgraded version.
  • It’s not a smart scale because this is a single-sensor version. It is not operable with any app. However, its other version is a dual-sensor scale but is not readily available in all parts of the world.

All in all, the Timemore black mirror review is in its favor. If you check all the pros and cons, you’ll realize that according to the price, the Black Mirror represents a great value. Undoubtedly, Acaia pearl has a slight edge over it in terms of functionality, but it still manages to satisfy most expectations.


Black Mirror Basic Pro Coffee Weighing Panel

With just a few additional features and a higher price, Timemore launched this Pro version.

It retains the maximum features from the Black Mirror Plus version. The built-in timer, single sensor, weighing capacity of 2000 grams, and precision of 0.1-gram intervals remain the same.

Additionally, the design, placements of buttons, battery capacity, and features are carried forward. But if everything’s the same, where is the difference?


The Black Mirror Plus only has the auto function, but this one comes with a flow rate measurement feature. Now you might wonder what on earth is this flow rate. Well, this is an assistive function that helps in refining the pouring speed and strength of your flavored coffee.

Silicon Mat

Unlike other coffee scales that come with a rubber mat, this one gets a silicon mat. This is essential to protect the Timemore scale from liquid spills and the heat of the container. It also adds the ability to clean the scale easily by just removing the mat and wiping the surface.

That’s it! These are distinctive or, we can say, additional features you’ll get in the Pro variant.

Also, another thing to notice is the size. It has the exact same dimensions and weight. Therefore, it’ll fit into most drip trays without an issue.


Timemore Coffee Scale Black Mirror Nano (Espresso Scale)


This Timemore scale model is famous as the Espresso scale due to its ultra-compact size. It’s so lightweight that even your kids can lift it.

A large number of features are the same as those of the first coffee scale on this list. But there are a few differences that we’ve listed below.

Weighing Capacity

Apparently, this Nano Black Mirror scale has the largest weighing capacity of 0.1 to 2000 grams, that too in 0.1-gram intervals. Therefore, don’t go by its name; in reality, it’s the most precise scale on the entire listing.

Updated Auto Modes

The Black Mirror Basic Plus variant gets a built-in timer and auto-brewing, and the ProCoffee variant has all these with additional flow rate monitors.

Well, this one, my dear friend, got all three of them, and that’s also way faster than the other two. The functionality remains the same; only the hardware is upgraded (that’s what the company says).


You’re going to love this tiny gadget if you make pour-over coffee or have an espresso machine.

This power pack scale is just 3.9 inches x 4.5 inches x 0.8 inches in dimension. Further, the weight is only 0.51 grams, meaning it’s going with you wherever you go, and you won’t even feel the weight.

Nonetheless, other features like battery capacity, 24-hour run time on a full charge, timing, and single sensor system, remain the same as those of the Black Mirror Basic Plus model.

But with the latest hardware, everything feels responsive on this scale. There’s no noticeable lag, and the accurate readings are unsurpassed in its price range.

Why are Coffee Scales important?

The purpose of coffee scales is the same as other scales – to measure weight. The difference lies in the characteristics.

Coffee scales have more features designed specifically to help in various brewing methods. All cafes and coffee connoisseurs use coffee scales to measure the weight of coffee beans, ground coffee, and water used for brewing.

A coffee scale is crucial in the brewing process because it helps determine the perfect BALANCE of water and coffee. Not just that, but you can experiment with different flavors by adding new ingredients in a measured amount to your coffee.

Timemore Vs Acaia Scales

This is a hotshot comparison, and many of you might be comparing these two brands as well.

There’s no need to put feelers out; a precise answer is that Timemore can not match the level of Acaia. Mainly the Timemore Black Mirror and Acaia Pearl are considered to be the competitors. So let’s compare them.

  • Design: Both Acaia and Timemore scales are known for their sleek, modern design. But in terms of quality, it’s Acaia that takes the lead.
  • Connectivity: Acaia Pearl offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which allows you to connect the scale to a smartphone app and track your coffee brewing data. Timemore scales generally do not offer this feature in its Black Mirror scales.
  • Accuracy: Both scales are known for their accuracy, but Acaia Pearl is generally considered even more precise.
  • Price: Acaia scales tend to be more expensive than Timemore scales, with some models costing several hundred dollars. Timemore scales generally have a more affordable price point.

Ultimately, it comes down to your needs and budget. The scope of both scales is the same, to weigh coffee beans and other ingredients. If you have a tight budget, Timemore scales are the way to go.

FAQs on Timemore Black Mirror Scales

1. Do all Black Mirror Scales have one color?

No. Their name has black in it doesn’t mean there’s only one color. You can choose from two colors – either a whiter or black version.

2. Are Timemore Coffee Scales pre-calibrated?

Yes, you won’t need to recalibrate your Timemore Coffee Scale.


If you’re scouring to buy an excellent scale that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket, a Timemore Black Mirror coffee scale is the best pick. All three variants listed above have unique features which make them best in class.

Now, it’s your turn to note down your requirements and tally them with the features these scales offer. A scale that matches all, but that without a doubt.

Need more options? Check out the best coffee scale for this year.

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